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About Ajman DED was established for the purpose to foster sustainable economic development of Ajman emirate with the involvement of UAE nationals

General Information

The Chairman of the DED believes that it is now imperative to re-activate the DED to a full functioning government body with explicit roles and responsibilities towards the economic future of Ajman

Key Strategic Objectives of the DED

  • Promote sustainable economic growth for Ajman
  • Address current issues in the emirate that are stalling sustainable economic growth
  • Act as an enabler for change to help develop the economy of Ajman
  • Demonstrate progress and positive outcomes for the people of Ajman (especially the national population)

The economic and financial variables around us, requiring catch up, hard and effective work to overcome the current and future challenges through the introduction of scientific methods and studies supported by analysis and statistical data to enhance the role of the Economic Department in the Emirate of Ajman in order to improve all aspects of economic development in the Emirate through the development of services provided to investors and facilitate the attraction and the development of their investments into the Emirate and provide excellent facilities in terms of the severe local, regional and international competition.

Therefore, the need has become necessary to give more effective role to the Economic Department in the Emirate by preparing a general draft concerning restructure of the department and the tasks entrusted to it, and give it the powers and responsibilities that will highlight the real role of the establishment thereof, namely, (sustainable economic development of the Emirate of Ajman)