Ahmed Al Nuaimi "We will continue to protect and develop intellectual property" Ajman DED contributes to removing the UAE from the IPP Watch List


The Ajman Department of Economic Development (Ajman DED) has contributed to removing the UAE from the US American Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) Watch List, which the UAE was previously listed in as a result of a number of observations related to this vital area in the country. In its special report No. 301 for the year 2021, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) outlined a set of major achievements made by the UAE in the field of protecting intellectual property rights during the past period, leading to its success in exiting from the Watch List. This achievement is the result of the national efforts that were coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in cooperation with the American side and the UAE concerned authorities. All of which showed outstanding performance and great progress during a record period for the development of the state system in protecting intellectual property rights.

In this context, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Representative of the Ruler of Ajman for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Chairman of the Ajman DED, said: “The USTR's decision is an achievement that adds to the accomplishments of the UAE, in general, and the Emirate of Ajman, in particular, due to its contribution to protecting intellectual property. The Ajman DED believes that protecting intellectual property is a means to stimulate the economy and enrich society. We will not stop at this achievement. Rather, we will continue to lay down future plans to develop the intellectual property rights system in the Emirate of Ajman in order to contribute to supporting the state and its honorable achievements at the global level.”

His Highness expressed his pride in this achievement, which appreciates the role of the Department of Control and Consumer Protection's work team and their efforts to limit the spread of counterfeit goods trade by managing to carry out 6,044 inspection visits to shops and markets, which resulted in raising the awareness of 565 establishments and alerting 384 establishments, in addition to recording 167 violations, and closing 23 establishments. The team also dealt with 221 complaints related to consumer protection, and 12 complaints related to trademarks and combating commercial fraud during the first quarter of 2021.These campaigns continue throughout the year that aim to protect the society under the slogan "Quality of Life" in Ajman.