Global Star Rating System for Services
Department of Economic Development – Ajman

Consumer Rights

  • The right to safety :The consumer has the right to protection from products, production processes and services that are harmful to his or her health and safety.
  • Right to know :The consumer has the right to provide him with the facts that help him to buy and consume properly and to help him understand his basic rights and responsibilities.
  • Right to choose :The right to choose among many alternatives of goods and services at competitive prices with quality assurance.
  • Right to listen to his opinions :To consider the consumer interests at the official and non-official bodies and take his views in the development of goods and services.
  • The right to satisfy his basic needs :The consumer has the right to basic goods and services such as food, clothing, shelter, health care and education.
  • Right to indemnify :The consumer has the right to a fair settlement of his legitimate claims, including indemnifying for misrepresentation, poor goods, unsatisfying services, or any practices that harm the consumer.
  • Right to live in a healthy environment :The consumer has the right to live and work in a risk-free environment.

Consumer Duties

  • Be aware of his rights in all aspects of consumption.
  • Look for the specifications of the product he wants to buy.
  • To comply with the sanitary rules that aim to make the material or product suitable for use, and to implement the instructions of using the material or product, such as washing vegetables and fruits well.
  • To comply with the instructions established on the packaging or the offer, and to implement them in a literal manner, in particular with respect to storage and storage conditions and the appropriate temperature for storage and keeping.
  • To refrain from buying materials, products and manufactures displayed on the road.
  • Check the product carefully to make sure it is free from defects before leaving the shop.
  • Ensure the validity of the product, material or medicine, and refrain from using it after the expiry of the validity period.
  • To ascertain the prices of the materials purchased, either through the market price or by experience in the purchase as well as compare the quality of the product or service with the price.
  • To modify consumption patterns in all aspects of his life, such as identifying the materials he consumes, refraining from storing foodstuffs for long periods, or by means of invalid containers such as recycled plastic or otherwise, as well as abstaining from the great waste of food and another waste disposal.