Global Star Rating System for Services
Department of Economic Development – Ajman

Before you purchase, you should:

  • Write down the needs of your family before going to the market to buy.
  • Discuss with family members about the needs to be purchased.
  • Take your children in most purchases until they get the necessary product value with high quality.
  • Make sure when you buy goods and services that these items will not strain your budget and that your purchase is in line with family income priorities.
  • Consider comparing goods in terms of weights, conditions and sizes along with prices before purchase.
  • Do not rush by buying before comparing prices in more than one place, especially in the case of advertising for sales.
  • Read the label card which indicates components and contents of the product before purchasing then ensure its quality and safety.

While purchasing, you should:

  • Do not be emotional with yourself or your family members’ requests, especially children when purchasing goods and services.
  • Do not accept inferior products and poor services and have an aim of having quality with checking safety while purchasing.
  • Buy goods and services before a reasonable period, especially before occasions (holidays, Ramadan, the beginning of the study year)
  • Order your purchase invoice and keep it with you and read contracts and guarantees of products and services well.
  • Do not sign a contract in case of purchase before reading it; and do not sign a contract of empty spaces or one which seems incomprehensible to you as well – don’t sign before you read carefully.
  • Let your food purchase (fish, chicken, and Meat) the last step before going home to keep it safe and with good quality. –Buy the fish, meat, chicken before you go home
  • Avoid excessive expenditure and wasting, buy maximum your daily or weekly food needs only and do not go to storage, as it affects quality and health safety badly.