Conditions for signboards

Applications for signboards shall be submitted through (calligraphers) only those registered in the emirate
To adhere the model specified for signboards and to record all data, size and dimensions of the signboard with a sketch of the same
To take into account the consistency of the signboard with those fixed in adjacent shops in the same building and neighboring buildings in terms of space and lengths and prominence
in order to preserve the aesthetic view of the emirate.
The total area of the signboard shall not exceed the total area of the front side of shop
The size of the signboard shall not overlap the specified area at all sites.
To abide writing a correct Arabic language avoiding grammar and spelling errors.
Use of the Arabic language is compulsory in signboards covering at least 50% of the area placing the Arabic text at the right side of the plate.
To adhere to the trade name as contained in the economic license.
No signboard shall be fixed without obtaining the approval from the department.
Contents of the signboard shall take into account the public morals and Islamic directions.
If the signboard contains a trade mark the approval of the agent shall be submitted.
Undertaking from the company executing the trade name signboard to abide by all the mandatory requirements otherwise he will be exposed to charges..
The Department shall have the right to remove the signboard through a specialized company at the expense of the establishment owner in the case of non-compliance with the specifications adopted after serving 15 days notice.
A new permit shall be obtained in the event of changing the location and the old signboard must be removed.
A new permit shall be obtained in the event of changing the trade and the old signboard shall be removed and not to write over the same.
In the event of cancellation of the license the owner of the establishment must remove the signboard and submit a photograph of the front side of the shop before and after removal.
In the event of intention not to renew the permit the company shall remove the signboard and to notify the department by the same.
Paintings on the glass facade for shops shall not exceed 50% of the interface area, taking into account the clarity of vision.