Lists of violations issued by the Department of Economic Development
# Violation Fine(AED)
1 Practicing an economic activity without a license or permit 5,000/-
2 Non-compliance with the conditions of the permit 3,000/-
3 The exercise of an economic activity not contained in the license 1,000/-
4 Performing an economic activity at the facility during the period of closure by the department 10,000/-
5 Not renewing the license during the prescribed time limit (one month from the license expiration date) 250/-
6 Delay in renewing license (per month and part of month is counted as a full month) 200/-
7 Change or add the authorized activity without obtaining the approval of the department or the competent governmental authority 2,000/-
8 The practice of the authorized activity outside the establishment 2,500/-
9 Announcing performing any economic activity in violation of the applicable legislations 5,000/-
10 The exploitation of the establishment premises in unauthorized activities 2,000/-
11 Obstruct the work of the department’s staff 10,000/-
12 Non-compliance with a summon to attend the department 500/-
13 Non- commitment to the undertaking submitted to the Department, or the instructions, conditions and regulations issued by the same 2,000/-
14 Providing incorrect data to the Department 20,000/-
15 Failure to meet the time limits allocated to age groups for gymnasiums halls 2,000/-
16 Placing money distributing machines based on luck , gaining profit or gambling 3,000/-
17 Promote a product or service through phone calls or in houses through clients or delegates 2,000/-
18 Display products for sale by way of calling on the roads 500/-
19 Storage of goods within the offices and shops 1,000/-
20 Displaying goods or providing services outside the shops without a permit 1,000/-
21 Selling by roaming 1,000/-
22 Employing or the presence of men in ladies salons or women's fitness clubs and massage centers or vice versa 5,000/-
23 Selling or displaying publications or sale of goods or other means violating public morality or Islamic customs or offending the goodwill of the state or traditions 10,000/-
24 Selling firecrackers and dangerous tools 3,000/-
25 Organizing and setting (Exhibition / Conference) without a permit from the department 5,000/-
26 To work extra hours without permission from the department 1,500/-
27 Non- commitment of restaurants and Cafe’s and the alike by obtaining permit to work during the day in Ramadan 5,000/-
28 Establish / construct a commercial tent without a permit 15,000/-
29 Placing ATM machines outside the bank or direct selling devices without a permit 3,000/-
30 The exercise of restaurants, cafes and the like for her work during the day in Ramadan without a permit 5,000/-
31 Non-compliance with the permit for extra hours 1,000/-
32 Open an additional office to an existing license without a permit 2,000/-
33 Shading the front facade of the shop by more than 50% 500/-
34 Construct a cabin / Counter / commercial cabins without a license for those holding a license or permit to another who is not a licensed 2,000/-
35 Manipulation in the process of prize drawing 15,000/-
36 Drawing prizes without the presence of the representative of the department 10,000/-
37 Sale promotional campaign tickets for a fee without permission 5,000/-
38 Not providing or disbursing the prize to the winners during the period specified by the department 5,000/-
39 Non-compliance with the specific period for offers permits 5,000/-
40 Non - commitment to the location of the promotional campaign events 5,000/-
41 Extension of the promotional campaign without the consent of the department 3,000/-
42 Implementation of the promotional campaign in contrary to authorized manner 5,000/-
43 Make discounted sales or offers or promotions or providing awards without a permit 10,000/-
44 Not keeping the prices list approved by the department during the process of discounted sales or special offers 500/-
45 Non-compliance with the period specified for discount sales permit (discounts / Special Offer) 1,000/-
46 Not placing approved prices cards on goods (discounts / Special Offer) 500/-
47 Non-compliance with the space authorized in the discount or special offers permit 2,000/-
48 Not settling the promotional campaign within two months 3,000/-
49 Failure to meet the deadline for the withdrawal of prizes 2,000/-
50 Placing banner ad or electronic screens without a permit 500/-
51 Distribution of advertising leaflets in public and private places without a permit 1,000/-
52 Fixing advertising leaflets in public and private places without a permit 1,000/-
53 Not placing a Banner bearing the brand name 500/-
54 Non-compliance with the terms of the advertising approved by the Department 1,000/-
55 Placing / exploiting the slogan of Ajman Shopping Festival without a permit 20,000/-
56 Lack of match between the price list approved by the department and the prices of goods offered 2,000/-
57 Non-commitment to remove the violation within the deadline set by the department 5,000/-
58 Non-use of posters and advertising materials of Ajman Shopping Festival by establishments participating in the festival 1,000/-
59 The use of posters and advertising materials of the festival without a permit 5,000/-
60 The disposition of the goods have been impounded by the department 5,000/-
61 Refuse to sign a seizure report or the minutes of the reservation of the goods or the minutes of sampling 1,000/-
62 Acquiring of a commodity of unknown source or not accompanied by the documents referring to the source or of misleading information for the purpose of selling or displaying 5,000/-
63 Perform any act such as manufacture, display or sale or marketing or promotion of goods in violation of the prevailing laws 15,000/-
64 Delays in the renewal of warehouses permit (for each month and part of a month counted as a full month) 200/-
65 Add a warehouse for an industrial, commercial or professional unit without obtaining a permit from the department 5,000/-
66 Writing or installation of signboard in violation to the specifications approved by the Department 1,000/-
# Other procedures
1 Fine will be doubled in the event of repeating the violation for the second time and fixed to a limit of AED 100,000/- per year for the later violation
2 In addition to fine the department may take all or one of the following measures :
2.1 Closing the establishment for a period not exceeding 6 months
2.2 Confiscating or retaining the goods caught
2.3 Cancel the license