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  • 06/04/2020

    As part of precautionary measures against coronavirus Temporary closure of Ladies & Gents Salons in Ajman

    As part of Government of Ajman and its leadership’s keenness to protect the health and safety of emirate’s community and all its residents and visitors, and within the series of the precautionary and preventive measures followed by the Government of the United Arab Emirates to prevent the spread of coronavirus, DED-Ajman ceases the activity of hair and care Gents and Ladies salons on temporary basis from today until further notice. The DED instructs the owners of these establishments to immediately observe and apply this instruction, and announce the conduct of inspection campaigns to ensure the application of this circular and the commitment of all to avoid any legal and administrative sanctions against violators.

  • 01/04/2020

    DED-Ajman develops 8 New Digital Services

    DED-Ajman announced a package of new digital services available on its website and smart application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to make it easier and convenient for customers under the exceptional circumstances prevailing in the world. These services include the issuance of “Commercial Mobile Vehicle license”, “Instant License (Halan)”, “Electronic Trading (E trader) License” and “Business Center License” as well as the “authentication of smart contracts for service agent and business companies”, “renewal for more than a year”, “ temporary suspension license based on owner request (Freeze License)”, and “Cancellation based on the authority of Ajman DED (administrative cancellation)”. The services were launched as part of DED’s efforts to shift to digital transformation on one part and in order to diminish the number of visits to service centers and maintain the physical distance recommended by the WHO to curb the spread of Coronavirus on the other part.

  • 30/03/2020

    Two factories and shops selling fake masks in Ajman closed and Goods Seized

    During one of the DED’s extensive inspection campaigns at emirate’s markets within this period in order to ensure the protection of consumer rights, the Department of Control and Consumer Protection at DED-Ajman managed to catch in contravention two unlicensed factories and shops manufacturing fake masks of unknown origin, lacking any name of country of origin and violating the UAE approved specifications and standards, using the current situation and the high consumer demand for masks to gain illicit profit.

Awareness message to the consumer

Dear consumer, Kindly be aware that the federal law No. 24 of year 2006 is the legal reference for your protection and as far as you are aware and knowledgeable of your rights and obligations we will be able to mitigate and reduce the negative phenomena that violate your rights, our objective is to keep you aware to avoid any illegal exploitation so please go through the tips below.

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