Exports & Investment Development Division

Exports & Investment Development Division at the Department of Economic Development in Ajman (DED-Ajman) is the entity responsible for promoting goods and services export activity. With the aim of increasing UAE export volumes and reducing the export costs of local products to external markets, the Division provides the necessary direction and guidance to support the operations of companies that aspire to export or expand its current export markets through the review of opportunities available in logistics field towards international markets and the general laws for the diverse export markets in the field of export, starting from the inception of the new export companies to their expansion into international markets.
The UAE products become widespread in global markets.
To provide appropriate support to exporters and contribute in the creation of an enabling climate conducive to export operations.
Our strategic partners include, without limitation (Ajman Chamber, Ports & Customs Department, ...)
  • »   Providing exporters with business and economic information and consultancy on external markets in collaboration with the related entities, and providing assistance to overcome difficulties they may face.
  • »   Collaborating with local and international firms and organizations in relation to development, promotion and guarantee of exports for the purpose of increasing and diversifying the UAE exports.
  • »   Carrying out research, studies, reports and training programs necessary for enhancing exporters’ capacities.
  • »   Seeking preferred positions for UAE exports with countries which the UAE has economic and commercial treaties as well as the economic, regional and international blocs.
  • »   Proposing and developing policies and legislations on export development, including the principles and controls governing re-export.
  • »   Providing exporters of local goods and services with the technical, finance and administrative support (through our strategic partners).
  • »   Following up goods intended for export in terms of quality and standard specifications in collaboration with Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology.
  • »   Providing exporters with technical support for branding UAE exports (made in UAE).
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Export Practical Training

1. Purpose of Service
This service aims to enhance the export capacity of the Company through training on how to open up new export markets and effectively access to target markets.

2. Main Services
To provide the Beneficiary Company with training on the whole export process, from the selection of markets and products to shipping and collection.

3. Preferred Services

Export Markets Study & Selection
The Consultant will train and guide the Beneficiary Company on how to select export markets and determine the best potential markets as follows:

  • »   Determine the best target markets.
  • »   Preferred trade agreements.
  • »   Carry out PEST(EL) or SWOT Analysis or any other analytical inputs.
  • »   How to divide market – and target the market segments and determine the market position.
  • »   Determine the Company’s marketing combination in the target markets,
  • »   Market Access Strategy.
  • »   Details and addresses of purchasers and customers in target markets.
  • »   Market legislative and non-legislative requirements.
  • »   Requirements for accessing public and private markets for products.
  • »   Direct and indirect competition in target markets.
  • »   Nature of distribution channels in target markets.

The consultant will train the Beneficiary Company on all export procedures pursuant to the following steps which include, without limitation:
  • »   Initial communication with potential customers.
  • »   Receipt of orders and preparation for quotations and supply
  • »   Quality and conditions of customer’s acceptance of shipments
  • »   Shipping, the proper conditions and preparation for shipping
  • »   Financial transactions related to export
  • »   Export Risk Management
Purpose of Service
This Services aims to enhance export capacity through assistance of companies in being more aware of all export-related procedures and works and how target markets can be effectively accessed.

Markets Map
Ajman Exports Map
Know the volume of products exported by Ajman and which countries import from Ajman the intended product.
  • »   Overall External Trade
  • »   Growth and Trade Balance
  • »   Joint Treaties and Commissions
  • »   General information