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Department of Economic Development – Ajman
Abdullah Al Hamrani: “Providing 5,000 basic consumer items at discounted prices during Ramadan.”   "Ramadan Consumer Bazaar" launches 7 major outlets in Ajman

Abdullah Al Hamrani: “Providing 5,000 basic consumer items at discounted prices during Ramadan.” "Ramadan Consumer Bazaar" launches 7 major outlets in Ajman

Wednesday, 28 February 2024

For the second year in a row, the Ramadan campaign “Ramadan Consumer Bazaar” was launched, which is organized by the Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED) in partnership with the major sales outlets in Ajman, and which continues until the end of the holy month of Ramadan and extends until after Eid al-Fitr until April 10, 2024. This bazaar aims to provide a safe and suitable environment for consumers, and to provide platforms for displaying basic food goods, products and merchandise with high quality and the lowest prices and costs.  

This year, 7 major sales outlets in Ajman are participating in the campaign, including KENZ Hypermarket, the Ajman Markets Cooperative Society with all its branches, the Nesto Group, and Carrefour in the Al Jurf area, by offering more than 5,000 main products and commodities at reduced prices during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, without compromising the quality, standards and specifications of the products and goods included in the campaign, in order to reduce the burden on consumers during these occasions and seasons based on its sense and social responsibility.  

HE Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director-General of the Ajman DED, said: “The annual Ramadan Consumer Bazaar campaign comes as confirmation of the preventive and precautionary oversight role that the Ajman DED is adopting to preserve the rights of consumers and protect them on the one hand, and to enhance the Ajman DED’s social responsibility and strengthen its partnership and integration with the private sector on the other hand, and continuing what the Department started in the Year of Sustainability towards achieving the quality of life of society.” He added: “Today the efforts of the Department and its work teams do not stop only at monitoring prices, but also work on controlling governance and urging and encouraging the private sector to contribute and participate effectively with the government’s visions and strategies and adopting and applying the principles of sustainability.” 

Saud Al Shammari, Director of Control and Consumer Protection Section, also stated: “With the growth of supply and demand for goods during the seasons of occasions and holidays, the market is witnessing an exaggerated rise in prices, but the supervisory eye of the Ajman DED, represented by the Control and Consumer Protection Section, is monitoring it, through its advance preparation and intensification of inspections, field visits, and awareness campaigns at all sales outlets and markets to ensure the availability of products within the requirements at all times and to monitor inappropriate prices. 

Representatives of the boards of directors of the participating sales outlets reported their keenness, year after year, to commit to providing consumer products, food and supplies with high quality, at reasonable prices and accessible to all. They stressed their keenness to reduce the burden on citizens and residents alike, so they worked as part of early preparation plans for the holy month of Ramadan to provide stock. Sufficient basic food commodities that will be offered in Ramadan offers, to ensure that they do not run out during the offer periods, and they indicated that the goods will be offered in all branches of their sales outlets, with the aim of providing them at reduced prices to the largest number of consumers during the holy month of Ramadan.