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Department of Economic Development – Ajman
Abdullah Al Hamrani: “We look forward to providing government services centered on people and their quality of life.” Ajman DED implements the "Zero Government Bureaucracy" program

Abdullah Al Hamrani: “We look forward to providing government services centered on people and their quality of life.” Ajman DED implements the "Zero Government Bureaucracy" program

Monday, 04 March 2024

The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED) announced the implementation of the “Zero Government Bureaucracy” programme in line with the directives of the UAE government, which is considered a national business model for a new phase of government work. The programme aims to cancel at least 2,000 government procedures, reduce the time required for processing by 50%, at least, and eliminate all recurring requirements. 

Ajman DED is a pioneer in adopting the program at the emirate level. It also took the initiative to invite its strategic partners and formed a committee to effectively contribute to erasing bureaucracy from the culture of doing business, which will reflect positively on attracting business and investments and enhancing a good environment for them. 

The committee includes an elite of decision-makers in a number of local and federal government agencies, including the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security, Ajman Police General Headquarters, the General Directorate of Civil Defense, the Municipality and Planning Department, and others, who are seeking to provide a single and consistent government experience, and to take a comprehensive look at services and according to strategic priorities. This committee will review all procedures, conditions, and requirements for their interconnected services with the Ajman DED, introduce rapid improvements with tangible impact, and issue smooth and intuitive services, in order to achieve a pioneering experience for the customer. 

In this context, H.E. Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director General of the Ajman DED, stated the extent of the Department’s keenness to align with national programs and strategies, and its interest in being at the forefront of government agencies that adapt to changes and aim to provide services that are human-centered, and pointed out that the program establishes an important foundation towards new horizons in the field of advanced and flexible government services. 

Al Hamrani added: “We are looking forward to enhancing the business environment by providing government services that focus on people and their quality of life, supported by methods of learning from experiences and innovative solutions, and adopting highly efficient business models centered on eliminating bureaucracy in procedures and providing a future generation of integrated, proactive services, to make our government services the best worldly, and we will continue to move towards this vision.” 

In turn, Ahmed Khair Al Balushi, Director of the Commercial Registration Department, said: “We are reformulating the service provision system alongside our strategic partners with services centered on the convenience of entrepreneurs and investors. The programme’s goal is to bring about a qualitative shift in government work, and bureaucracy is the biggest challenge for any entity seeking development and the most important obstacle hindering leadership in services. 

He added: “We are committed to eliminating government bureaucracy and accelerating the completion and delivery of services as two pillars of our future directions by designing and providing the best government services in the world, to reach the simplest, fastest, easiest and most efficient procedures that contribute to improving the competitiveness of economic sectors and the business environment and raising the level of society’s quality of life.”