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Department of Economic Development – Ajman
Ajman DED celebrates the graduation of its national cadres from the Professional Diploma in Economics

Ajman DED celebrates the graduation of its national cadres from the Professional Diploma in Economics

Monday, 27 November 2023

The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED) celebrated the graduation of a group of its young employees and nationals from the Professional Diploma in Economics program, which was held for three weeks, with a view to empowering national cadres in the economic field, enhancing economic knowledge, developing employee skills, spreading the culture of economic analysis, and introducing the basics of economics and economic planning skills. The Diploma covered several basic skills, including: Principles of Economics, History of Economic Theories, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Consumer Behavior, Economic Growth, Economic Development, Research Methods and Statistical Analysis, Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy.

H.E. Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director-General of the Ajman DED, stated: “We are keen to empower and qualify our human capital, by designing specialized and professional training courses and advanced training programs and enrolling them in such programs, which consolidate their craftsmanship and professionalism and enable them in the fields of research and analysis. We are proud that a group of nationals have achieved excellence in the specialized Professional Diploma in Economics. This reflects our commitment to achieving comprehensive development based on knowledge and innovation. We affirm our continued pursuit of building and developing the capabilities of our employees and graduating future makers equipped with knowledge, and providing all means that would bring about a qualitative change in their job performance, which lives up to the ambition of the wise leadership to achieve the highest levels of excellence and contribute effectively to the performance of their government organization.”

Al Hamrani expressed his gratitude to all participants in the Professional Economic Diploma, and noted the importance of benefiting from and acquiring the latest knowledge and skills in order to enhance comprehensive economic development at all levels and sectors in the emirate. He also pointed out his aspiration to achieve qualitative and positive shifts that the team will work on in the customer journey, and to achieve sustainable development.

Prof. Dr. Atta Hassan Abdelrahim, Director of the Center of Continuing Education and Development at Al Qasimia University, indicated that this joint cooperation with the Ajman DED reflects the joint commitment of both parties to enhance knowledge and develop skills in the economic field, as the Diploma aims to provide advanced and extended learning opportunities that meet the needs of employees. It includes a wide range of specialized topics in the economic field. Dr. Atta said: “We affirm our commitment to providing an effective and fruitful learning experience for all participants, and we aspire to continue this joint cooperation to empower employees, which contributes to them pushing the achievement of the sustainable economic goals in Ajman with strength and stability.”

In this regard, Assistant Prof. Walid Mohamed Abdel Kader El-Wakeel, at Al Qasimia University, stressed the importance of gaining economic skills and knowledge for human cadres, whether working in the economic sector or working in another field. El-Wakeel said that the Professional Diploma in Economics aims to develop the economic skills and knowledge of the participants and to enhance their capabilities, skills, capabilities, and performance. He also emphasized his keenness to provide rich content with important information about the modern economy, methods of economic analysis, and economic data analysis, as the science and economic knowledge for human cadres in economic departments and institutions contribute to developing the economic planning system and work to advance economic development by reflecting the skills acquired in the departments' strategic and economic operations and plans.

On this occasion, a number of participated in the Professional Diploma in Economics expressed their thanks and gratitude during their graduation ceremony.

     Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Hamdan Al-Nuaimi, Director of the Exports and Investment Development Administration, and a graduate of the Young Economists Program of the Federal Youth Authority (FYA), said: “I thank the Ajman DED for giving young people this opportunity to gain new skills in the economy of the future, and to strengthen their capabilities, as these skills we recently gained will contribute to the anticipation of the economic reality and development of projects and initiatives to meet the needs of the industrial and export sector in accordance with the finest scientific findings in these fields.”

Suleiman Al Dhaheri, Director of the Administrative Services Section, said: “The Professional Diploma in Economics provided me with many skills in economic and statistical analysis, scientific research and big data, and in the field of economic studies and research. During the diploma, I was also introduced to the most important macro and microeconomic indicators, and how to benefit from them in developing work in the Ajman DED to serve the future economic trends and plans of the emirate of Ajman.”

Hassan Ali Al Shehhi, Director of Anti-Commercial Fraud Section, praised the specialized course, saying: “Thanks to the Professional Diploma in Economics, I became equipped with the knowledge and scientific skills that enabled me to analyze economic challenges and devise effective solutions. During the diploma, we benefited greatly and learned about methods for analyzing economic data and making strategic decisions in a better way. On this occasion, I thank the Ajman DED for empowering its national cadres in the economic field.”

Zahra Al-Bannai, Contracts and Procurement Specialist, said: “This diploma equipped me with the necessary tools for economic analysis and now have a greater understanding of the current economic conditions. The diploma experience was full of enriching experience in content and practical and scientific application. I gained many skills that qualify me to understand the labor market and have the ability to do economic analysis and create effective solutions in the economy.”

Amira Alshezawi, HR Specialist, explained: “The Professional Diploma in Economics is a turning point in the extent of my understanding and awareness of economic concepts and terminology, as it provided me with a deep insight into modern economic issues. I also benefited greatly from the content provided and I confirm that the diploma was not a mere certificate, but it was an educational experience rich in knowledge about economic concepts.”

In turn, Marwa Al-Hassouni, a small and medium enterprises executive, said: “Joining the Professional Diploma in Economics was an experience rich in economic content and interaction that I benefited greatly from, which gave me the skills necessary to understand the challenges of the modern economy and understand methods of economic analysis. I look forward to applying this knowledge in my field of work and contributing effectively to the development of economic operations in the Department.”