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Department of Economic Development – Ajman
Ajman DED participates in the “Gulf Consumer Protection Week 2023”

Ajman DED participates in the “Gulf Consumer Protection Week 2023”

Thursday, 02 March 2023

The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED) is participating in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries' celebration of the Gulf Week for Consumer Protection, which kicks off on the first day of March, Under the Slogan "Our G.C.C. & Consumer are One"

Throughout this week, Ajman DED organizes several activities via its social media channels to educate consumers and raise their awareness, with the participation of the public through daily competitions that will be held through social media channels.

Saud Al Shammari, Director of Control and Consumer Protection Section said, "the Gulf Consumer Protection Week comes on the first day of March of every year, and this celebration is an annual occasion and a periodic station that aims to highlight the importance of solidarity and cooperation between all elements of society and with consumers. It also confirms that the consumer has great global importance in contemporary life, and the importance of fully achieving the preservation and protection of their rights, and seeking to put them on the top of priorities in various commercial and economic operations.

For his part, Mr. Hassan Al Shehhi, Director of Anti-Commercial Fraud Section added, "Ajman DED is keen to provide advanced services in the field of digital technology to serve consumers, provide them with information, and provide options that are appropriate to their needs and desires. He stressed that the Ajman Department sought to benefit from this modern technology to support, protect, and empower consumers, as it developed applications that support consumers with the necessary information, and provided them with an easy way to file complaints. It also developed digital tools for the work of inspectors in markets, provided tools that facilitate inspection in an effective and reliable manner, and used social media to educate consumers. In addition, it has integrated the technologies it used to be part of a comprehensive approach to enhance consumer protection in the emirate.