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Department of Economic Development – Ajman
As part of the specialized training programs launched in 2023 - 14 employees of Ajman DED graduated from the advanced Agile PMO program

As part of the specialized training programs launched in 2023 - 14 employees of Ajman DED graduated from the advanced Agile PMO program

Monday, 18 December 2023

The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajamn DED) announced the graduation of 14 employees from the advanced training program for Agile PMO, which was held at the Ajman Saray Hotel over three days. This program is the first of its kind in the emirate, which aims to transfer traditional practices in project management to agile practices and prepare for any change, in addition to building a flexible and innovative mentality within the organization, a framework for project governance, and empowering and qualifying employees and refining their skills and abilities to keep pace with the rapid changes and growing development in project management methods. 

In this context, H.E. Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director-General of the Ajman DED, confirmed that the Department seeks to shift towards agile and flexible methods in project management, to keep pace with the rapid changes in the external environment, which contributes to improving work efficiency and achieving project objectives effectively. This program reflects the extent of Ajman DED’s commitment to refining the skills of its employees and providing them with competencies to promote sustainable development in Ajman. 

Al Hamrani added: “As part of our continuous efforts to enhance competencies and develop the skills of our work team, the Agile PMO program was the result of diligent work towards achieving leadership and success, and our belief in the importance of managing projects efficiently and effectively and making progress in achieving the strategic goals of the Department, and this trend reflects our commitment to employees, customers and society, and our insistence on adopting flexibility as a way of life.” 

Mr Eng. Ziad Al Hassan, the General-Manager of "Milestones MENA," expressed his pride and joy in the successful partnership with the Ajman DED during the implementation of the advanced Agile PMO program. He also reiterated Milestones MENA' unwavering commitment to promoting personal and professional growth. 

He emphasized the importance of adopting Agile methodologies within project management offices, affirming how this approach smoothly aligns with global trends and its role in enhancing the ability to adapt to rapid changes in project environments, as well as fostering a flexible and innovative spirit within organizations. 

Al Hassan added, "Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate more collaboration and accomplishments in the skill development field, supported by the strong vision of the Ajman DED."

Dr Ahmed El-Kurd, PMO Specialist in the United Nations, said: "In revolutionizing the governmental sector, Agile PMO emerges as a catalyst for innovation and digitalization. Embracing an agile culture is pivotal, creating a landscape ripe for transformative advancements. This marks a crucial step forward, ensuring government entities stay at the forefront of progress and efficiently meet the evolving needs of the modern era. This, coupled with the Department of Economic Development at Ajman Government, stands as a testament to the commitment to fostering innovation, efficiency, and transformative initiatives. Grateful for their trust and partnership."

On this occasion, several graduates of the program expressed their gratitude for being allowed to participate in such a successful training program, enrich their experiences, and develop the approach to project management across Ajman DED. 

Fatima Mohamed, PMO Director, said: “Organizing an Agile PMO training program demonstrates our commitment to enhancing competencies and shifting towards effective work methods, tools, and methodologies, and confirms our leadership in the field of skills development and performance enhancement. This program is intended to transfer modern project management practices, which contribute to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the teams working in the Ajman DED and contribute to achieving our goals more effectively. This acquired knowledge will be reflected in our upcoming strategic plans and development projects."

For his part, Khaled Al Shehhi, Director of the IT Section, said: “The Agile PMO training program was rich with important information and a unique experience, during which we learned many concepts in project management and how to transform them into agile projects. We emphasize the importance of our presence with the technical work team in the training program, which will improve our performance in our upcoming technical projects and plans, and in developing distinguished projects that serve Ajman. Its impact will be effectively reflected in enhancing our productivity and integration in project implementation.” 

Shaikha Aldhaheri, Director of Government Communications Office, said: “Agility has a deep concept. Wherever it exists, you find leadership, innovation, opportunities, and goals achieved efficiently and effectively are synonymous with it. While Agile, as a term, appeared in the 1970s and entered the business world at the beginning of the new millennium, the journey of permanent renewal in it never ends, because it depends on continuous improvement stemming from being highly flexible. So, I have to point out the importance of the Agile PMO training program, which I consider to be among the programs that most influenced me on the practical and personal levels and added value to me, as it begins at the individual level with the neutralization of ideas. While we lead our projects and work teams, we should lead ourselves with them toward greater flexibility, accepting continuous feedback from stakeholders, openness, and communication with others, and welcoming some ambiguity. Rather, this motivates us to decode and understand them. Therefore, I came away with the impression that Agile is the radical change required to eliminate the bureaucracy of any business. In my opinion, it is the art of reducing unnecessary work, in contrast to the routine management style and traditional methods, and it requires continuity to transform from a practice into a way of life.” 

Alia Al Yamahi, Director of the Smart Services Section, explained that her participation in the Agile PMO training program was an exciting experience, during which, she learned the foundations of agile management and how to improve processes in project management tangibly. She benefited greatly from learning how to apply modern and agile project management tools, which will play a role in an important and key role in developing the digital transformation projects of the Ajman DED, and enhancing integration in our upcoming digital projects that support the sustainable economic growth of Ajman.” 

Fatima Al Mazmi, Lead Payroll Accountant, said: “I benefited a lot from the Agile PMO training program, which had an impact in increasing my knowledge about project management methods at work. In particular, I have learned how to manage accounting operations and gained experience in modern methods of managing projects and government operations. In turn, I thank the Ajman DED for always empowering its employees through training programs and providing them with the necessary experience and training”.