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Department of Economic Development – Ajman
Digital transactions grew by 8% until the end of November 2023 Ajman DED celebrates the first license issued digitally on 2 December, “the anniversary of the formation of the UAE”

Digital transactions grew by 8% until the end of November 2023 Ajman DED celebrates the first license issued digitally on 2 December, “the anniversary of the formation of the UAE”

Saturday, 02 December 2023

Coinciding with the celebration of the UAE 52nd Union Day, the Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED) celebrated the first economic and digital license on the anniversary of the announcement of the establishment of the Union on December 2, where “Exotic Universe for Trading Collectibles, Pieces and Original Works of Art” and registered within the “Riyadah Program” for practicing economic activities within homes. Its commercial license holds a history dear to the hearts of all the people of the nation and those residing on its land, this day is the new dawn on which the Emirates was founded until the young state became a good example to be emulated in the world and a beacon that radiates hope towards building a better future for the world. 

Ajman DED also honored the establishment for its commitment to the laws and requirements in force since the date of issuance of the license in 2022 and throughout the year, which reflects the sense of responsibility and positive citizenship values, and called on its owner, who is one of the national cadres, to follow in the footsteps of the founding leader, “may Allah rest his soul,” who laid the foundations of our nation that become today, thanks to the vision of the wise leadership and the determination and will of its people, a leading global model for development and prosperity. 

In this context, H.E Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Director General of the Ajman DED, said: “Our activities on the occasion of Union Day were marked by the one-year anniversary of the first digital license in the emirate. It is distinguished by the fact that it was issued through our digital services via our website, and therefore there are clear indications of the great shift that the country witnessed since its inception, and due to the perseverance of its people in achieving precedence and leadership in various fields, especially in the digital transformation, and the qualitative leaps in its achievements done year after year in adopting technology, modern technologies, and smart and innovative solutions. UEA has ranked 13th globally in the Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2023 by IMD. 

Al Hamrani praised Ajman's progress in the field of digital transformation and its leadership when he said: “We keep in mind the directives of our wise leadership to simplify and reduce procedures, save time and effort for customers, develop digital services, facilitate doing business, enhance customer experience, enable entrepreneurs and investors to obtain services at any time and from anywhere with great ease and speed, and provide distinguished digital services in terms of quality, efficiency, and reliability, as well as achieving an exceptional experience for the customer in obtaining the same services, thus seeking to strengthen Ajman’s position as a hub for finance and business and leading companies and to achieve sustainability in digital services, which reflects positively on the emirate’s society, environment, and digital economy. We will not hesitate to continue working to achieve these goals and use all means and methods to create a unique digital customer experience. Moreover, we will continue our efforts with our qualified national cadres in the next stage towards the comprehensive implementation of the digital customer policy and digital government service.” 

Ali Ahmed Al Shamsi expressed his thanks and gratitude to Ajman DED, saying: “I express my deep gratitude for Ajman DED's support for entrepreneurship in the emirate, which effectively contributes to enhancing the business environment and encouraging the spirit of initiative and innovation. This honor reflects the pioneering spirit of the emirate, and its commitment to providing high-quality digital government services according to international standards, which facilitates the customer’s government procedures, as issuing my licenses did not take any time, and this was on an official holiday that is dear to all our hearts on December 2. 

Al Shamsi stressed the continued development of his project, his commitment to the laws and requirements of Ajman DED, and his commitment to providing the best products to consumers. He added: “I consider this honor an incentive to continue providing efficient and worthy services, and we promise to continue using digital services, promoting digital transformation, and contributing to the development of the commercial sector in the emirate of Ajman.” 

During this great national occasion, Ajman DED announced the results of the business movement report, which indicate growth in digital transactions by 8% until the end of November 2023 compared to the same period last year. Commercial permit transactions constituted 39% of the total digital transactions until the end of last month, while license renewal transactions constituted 33% of the total digital transactions, and out of 31,000 transactions completed digitally. The total number of license issuance and renewal transactions reached approximately 11,000 transactions, with a growth rate of 16% year-over-year, and constituting more than 35% of the total transactions completed during this year. The professional licenses accounted for about 53% of the licenses issued digitally, followed by commercial licenses with about 43%, then industrial licenses with 4%. 

On the sidelines of the events, 5 projects were honored: Al Wahda Real Estate Office, Shams Steel Trunks Co., Juma Fadhil Metal Industries Co. LLC, Ain Advertising, and Hadarmoot Garage, in appreciation and gratitude for their compliance and commitment to the laws and requirements in force in Ajman DED since the issuance of their economic licenses 40 years ago or more until the current year. This reflects their social responsibility and dedication and encourages them to always continue with the approach of excellence, success, and community service.