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Department of Economic Development – Ajman
Economic Ramadan Majlis Kicks off. Vital topics of interest to citizens and residents

Economic Ramadan Majlis Kicks off. Vital topics of interest to citizens and residents

Monday, 11 April 2022

The "Economic Ramadan Majlis" kicked its first session, by hosting Mr. Fahim Al-Zubaidi, CEO of the e-commerce platform '' in the heritage district of the Ajman Museum.

This Session discussed vital topics that concern citizens and residents and benefit everyone, the most important of which is entrepreneurship, which the leadership gives great support and motivation to help project owners and gives them the necessary support to provide them with everything they need in their field of work. It empowers young people and directs them towards the right path to build their future. The home of entrepreneurship tends to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the business environment, and national economy based on knowledge and innovation. The UAE has been able to establish its position as an ideal destination for practicing trade and business, and has proven its ability to increase business and openness to international markets. In addition, the UAE has excelled in global connectivity, which has contributed to strengthening its commercial partnerships. The “Projects of the 50” is a cornerstone of entrepreneurship, and the future vision will be launched to increase the growth of the trade sector and with the participation of entrepreneurs their experiences in setting up projects, including those that were launched during the pandemic period, and were able to transform the challenge into opportunities and possibilities. These projects succeeded greatly, valuing the role of the State that spare no effort to support entrepreneurs, broaden their horizons, and guide them towards success.

The attendees expressed their happiness to participate in the opening of the Economic Ramadan Majlis, and that the State was able to overcome the most difficult challenges of “Covid-19” pandemic, with the wisdom of our leadership, its clear vision, the unity of our goals and the integration of our duties, to reach safety today.