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Department of Economic Development – Ajman


Friday, 14 January 2022

The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED) draws the attention of the consumers to be careful before purchasing any products or goods through social networking websites or completing an agreement between the consumer and service providers that are not licensed by the Department through social networking websites that did not obtain a license, as Consumer Protection Law No. 15 of 2021 indicated that, “the competent authority is not responsible for electronic trade operations that take place through unlicensed providers in the country.” And out of the Ajman DED’ keenness to preserve consumers rights from purchasing products and goods, it is necessary that the consumer has to be ensure that service providers are licensed by the competent authorities, and at the same time, it warns commercial establishments against violating their activity and promoting and selling goods through social networking websites before obtaining a license or permit from the Department.

Referring to this issue, Mr. Hassan Al-Shehhi said: “We call upon all consumers to be careful before purchasing any products and goods through social networking websites, and to ensure that the merchant who holds the account obtains the commercial license from the Department and has a valid ID in the account, in order to avoid facing commercial fraud and deception, whether through lack of credibility in displaying the product, or the delivery of a product other than the one that was requested, raffles and prizes, or providing incorrect or misleading commercial data about the promoted products. This includes fraud, imitation and deceiving the service provided by not being compliant with the applicable legislation in the country or having false information.

He stressed that “protecting consumers’ rights is a societal duty for all members of society to pay attention to it and not only to the Department,” stressing that “consumers’ cooperation with the Department enhances the creation of a healthy framework for a commercial environment that creates a balance between the merchant and consumers and achieves justice for both parties.”

Al-Shehhi added that the Department is fully prepared, according to this notice, to cooperate with consumers in resolving the complaints submitted in line with applicable laws of the country, and for consumers to verify the licenses of those websites, noting that “in the event of any complaint on a website licensed by the Department, it is possible to communicate with the complaints administration within the Department through the Ajman DED Call Center or through social media, phone, e-mail or the Department’s website.

The Ajman DED asks “consumers to check the social networking websites before purchasing the product or benefiting from the service. Where the Ajman DED grants a license or permit to service providers through social networking websites and mention them on the commercial establishments’ website. He stressed that “the provisions of the license or permit issued by the Ajman DED must not be violated.