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Department of Economic Development – Ajman

The Department of Economic Development in Ajman (Ajman DED) has adopted the Open Data Policy, which is considered one of the leading practices with a view to continuously developing the provision of the correct data.

Open data is that data that any individual can use, reuse, and publish freely without ant technical, financial, or legal restrictions, taking into account only two conditions: (1) attributing the rights to their owners, and (2)making the data available for sharing without restrictions.

Ajman DED's commitments under this Policy:

This Policy is intended to provide the general guidelines that the Ajman DED should abide by in displaying open data on the website and based on the Open Data Specifications Guidelines for UAE Government Entities as follows:

  • The published data shall cover the Ajman DED's services and activities that will be valuable and useful for the customer / site visitor.
  • The site visitor can access the data without any obstacles.
  • Sets of data shall be available for several years.
  • The data shall be published in a way that is easy to read, taking into account privacy, confidentiality, or any other restrictions.
  • The data shall be published in the form of files that can be "copied and pasted" and downloadable.
  • The visitors can express their opinion on the published data.
  • The ability to know the type and size of the file, as well as the time required to download it before starting to download it.
  • If it is required a specialized program to open the file, the site user will be alerted to that and provide such program, if possible.
  • Referring to that the data source is Ajman DED when using the data and making it available under the open availability principle, with an indication of the file name and date of update or publication