Permitted Activities for the Reyada Program
The Activities that Do Not Require an External Approval
1) The preparation of commodities or products for promotion purposes 2) The production of solid shapes by 3-D photography
3) The performance of fine art festivals 4) Wool spinning
5) Translation services of printed material 6) The organization of wedding parties
7) The preparation of fabrics for tailoring 8) The design of computer systems and software
9) The repair of musical instruments 10) Tailoring women clothes
11) Renting agricultural equipment and tools 12) The repair of videos, radios, TVs, and household photography devices
13) The embroidery of fabrics 14) Renting clothes and the supplies thereof
15) The retail sale of children games and toys 16) Tailoring face veils (Burqa’), head covers (Hijab), and scarves (Sheila)
17) Renting furniture and supplies for occasions 18) Bicycle repair
19) Tailoring Arabian women clothes (Women Abaya) 20) Renting film production and shooting equipment
21) The retail sale of soap and haircare lotions 22) The embroidery of ready-made clothes
23) The preparation and beautification of stadiums and sport tracks 24) The wholesale trade of flowers and decoration plants
25) The tailoring of men garments (Bisht) 26) The organization and administration of exhibitions
27) Computers repair and maintenance 28) Drawing on superfine woods
29) Giftwrapping 30) The installation of horse supplies
31) The production of congratulatory and invitation cards 32) Barcoding services
33) Advertising and advertisement agency 34) Hospitality services
35) Interpretation services 36) Embroidery works
37) The creation of IT infrastructure 38) The organization of fashion shows
39) The extraction of natural fertilizers 40) The preparation and production of advertising gifts
41) The wholesale trade of multidimensional pictures 42) Fashion design training
43) The production of commercial photographs 44) Creation works of prototypes and solid shapes
45) Making non-advertising gift boxes 46) The photography of parties and occasions
47) The wholesale trade of drawing and writing stationary and office utensils 48) Making gift and jewelry boxes
49) The repair of carpets and woven items 50) The organization of parties and occasions
51) The retail sale of inexpensive accessories and jewelry 52) Fashion and clothes design
53) Performances of traditional arts 54) The retail sale of sunglasses and colored lenses
55) Teaching drawing, sculpture, and calligraphy 56) The wholesale trade of artistic masterpieces
57) The retail sale of women shoes 58) The retail sale of children shoes
59) Making frames for pictures and art paints 60) The retail sale of men shoes
61) The wholesale trade of bags and travel supplies 62) Indoor design décor works
63) The wholesale trade of handbags and leather products 64) The wholesale of utensils and vessels
65) The retail sale of blankets, sheets, and ready-made mattresses 66) The design of Henna stickers
67) The retail sale of flowers and artificial and dried plants 68) The retain sale of accessories and animal and bird supplies
69) Teaching fine arts 70) The retail sale of heritage environmental and handicraft articles
71) The retail sale of watches and their spare parts 72) Typing and photocopying services
73) Transactions tracking services 74) Events management organization
The Activities that Require an External Approval
1) The preparation and canning of legumes 2) The production of special artistic effects
3) Clothes laundry 4) Tea mixing and packing
5) The design of expensive jewelry 6) Clothes ironing
7) Rosewater packing 8) Renting expensive jewelry
9) Refilling printing inks 10) Fruit and vegetable drying and packing
11) Mixing and filling perfumes 12) Carpet washing and cleaning
13) Spices packing 14) The supply of ready meals – the preparation of meals
15) The retail sale of cosmetics 16) Coffee roasting, grounding, and packing
17) Music band 18) The retail sale of coffee
19) Photography films processing 20) Steam cleaning of clothes, carpets, and household mattresses
21) The retail sale of dates 22) Heritage consultancy
23) The publication of guides for scientific research and associations 24) The wholesale trade of Henna
25) Cold and hot drinks 26) The preparation of traditional sweets and confectionary
27) Soap formation works 28) Making pickles
29) Making jam 30) Women haircut and hairdressing
31) The trade of newspapers, books, and magazines 32) Restaurant
33) Advertising and advertisement agency 34) Women beauty salon works training
35) Women beauty and personal care center  
The Activities that Require Specialization
1) Musical consultancy 2) Consultancy in the field of education services
3) Economic feasibility studies and consultancy 4) Health clubs and physical fitness consultancy
5) Social consultancy 6) Media consultancy and studies
7) Social and guiding services for the elderly 8) Safety, health, and fire protection consultancy
9) Consultancy, studies, and research in the field of sociology 10) Health education services
11) Early qualification and educational services