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Department of Economic Development – Ajman

Issuing an Economic Permit Service

About the Service

It is an official document issued by the Department and serves as a permit for the establishment only to carry out certain activities within the law. It includes a group of permits, for example, but not limited to, permits for promotional campaigns, sales, special offers, liquidation, exhibitions, conferences, commercial tents, advertising signs, additional activities, additional working hours, paper advertisements, vending machines and kiosks, counters and compound activities.

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Service Process
  • 1
    Filling out the application.
    • 2
      Provision of the necessary documents and papers.
      • 3
        Payment of fees
        • 4
          Receipt of the permit
          Service Fees
          • Fees vary according to the type of permit
          Terms and Conditions
          • Approval of other government entities according to the activity (High risk).
          • Commitment and adherence to regulations and laws
          Delivery Duration

          10 minutes.

          • Service Centers
          • E-service
          • Mobile Application
          Service Code
          Service Structure
          Service Type
          Service Package
          Forms used in this Service
          Permit application form
          Service correlation with other Services

          License issuance

          Limitation of Service

          Depending on the type of permit (7 days / 15 days/month/year)

          Business (companies/institutions)
          Service Rating
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          Required Documents
          • Permit application form
          • A message from the establishment
          • A copy of the valid license (for licenses issued outside the Emirate).
          • External approvals or non-objection certificates from the regulating government agencies according to the (high-risk) activity
          Payment Channels
          • E- Payment

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