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Commercial License Amendment Service

About the Service

It is any procedure that occurs to the license, including, but not limited to, amending the commercial register and license data, assigning licenses completely or assigning shares - adding and deleting a partner - amending the trade name - amending the legal form - changing the address and location - modifying the activity - amending - license data, ...etc.Types of Amendments: (Addition of partner - addition of manager – addition of activity – deletion of activity – change of activity – change of legal form – change of trade name – change of location – change of license details – change of service agent – serve agent withdrawal – partial assignment – Full assignment)

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Service Process
  • 1
    Filling out the License Application Form on (the System or Website).
    • 2
      Bringing the attachments according to the amendment mentioned in the required documents.
      • 3
        Updating the lease contract data.
        • 4
          The approval of third parties - if necessary.
          • 5
            Payment of fees.
            • 6
              Documenting the appendix of amending the Memorandum of Association and the assignment or sale contract.
              • 7
                Issuance of the license after modification
                Service Fees
                • Fees vary according to the type of modification
                Terms and Conditions
                • The commercial license must be renewed with the amendment in the event of its expiry.
                Delivery Duration

                10 minutes

                • Service Centers
                • E-service
                Service Code
                Service Structure
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                Service Package
                Forms used in this Service
                License Application Form
                Service correlation with other Services

                License renewal

                Limitation of Service

                Until the license expires

                Business (companies/institutions)
                Service Rating
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                Required Documents
                • License Application Form
                • Adding a partner + changing the legal form: Reservation of a trading name + when adding a partner or an expatriate owner, approval must be submitted.
                • Adding an activity and deleting the activity of external approvals, if necessary.
                Payment Channels
                • E- Payment

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