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Department of Economic Development – Ajman

Register New Trademark / Commercial Agency

About the Service

This service allows owners of trademarks / commercial agencies or their legal representatives registered with the Ministry of Economy to apply for registration of their trademark/agency with the Department to protect their rights from infringement of the trademark/agency.

Service Process
  • 1
    The customer applies to register the trademark / commercial agency electronically through the Department's website and provides the documents.
    • 2
      Studying and approving the application
      • 3
        Send a text message to the customer to inform him of the result of the application.
        Service Fees
        • Free
        Terms and Conditions
        • The Department is not responsible for any errors in the data contained in the complaints after collecting the fees.
        • Users of the commercial fraud system are not entitled to share any information or data contained in the system with any entity other than the related company, such as case details or any data related to reports, or any other existing data.
        • The user shall submit and provide the original documents if the Department requests the same.
        • The user shall provide original and counterfeit samples of the goods in case the Department requests the same.
        • The user acknowledges the power of attorney document duly certified if the application is submitted by a proxy.
        • The user acknowledges and undertakes that all the incoming data and the attached documents are authenticated and issued by the legal and official authorities.
        • The user acknowledges that he/she shall notify the Department of any amendment or change in the submitted document data in the future, within 10 working days of the amendment or change.
        • The user shall inform and provide the Department with the technical reports for the technical examination of the collected samples if the Department requests the same.
        Delivery Duration

        3 working days

        • E-service
        • Mobile Application
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        Required Documents
        • A (valid) copy of the registration of (the trademark / commercial agency) registered at the Ministry of Economy.
        • A copy of the (valid) trade license of the owner of the trademark / commercial agency.
        • A power of attorney granted by the trademark owner / commercial agency (in the case of a legal representative).

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