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Department of Economic Development – Ajman

Commercial License Unfreezing Service

About the Service

It is the service through which establishments and companies can apply for the reactivation of a license that has been temporarily suspended for a period not exceeding three years.

Service Process
  • 1
    Fill out the application form for unfreezing a commercial license
    • 2
      Payment of fees
      Service Fees
      • None
      Terms and Conditions
      • A period of no more than three years has passed since the suspension of the license.
      Delivery Duration

      10 minutes

      • Service Centers
      • E-service
      • Mobile Application
      Service Code
      Service Structure
      Service Type
      Service Package
      Forms used in this Service
      License unfreezing application form
      Service correlation with other Services

      License freezing - License renewal

      Limitation of Service

      One year

      Governmental entities – Business (companies/institutions) – Individuals
      Service Rating
      Average rating : From 0
      Required Documents
      • License unfreezing application form.
      • External approvals or no objection from the government authorities organizing the activity/activities.
      • A message indicating the activation request from the stakeholders.
      Payment Channels
      • E- Payment

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