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Department of Economic Development – Ajman

Commercial Licenses Issuance Service

About the Service

It is an official document issued by the Department and serves as the document according to which a natural or legal person is allowed to engage in a specific economic activity or several economic activities through the establishment.

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Service Process
  • 1
    Reservation of the trade name through the electronic service or customer happiness centers.
    • 2
      The approval of the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality for the foreigner.
      • 3
        Approval of other government entities according to the activity (high risk).
        • 4
          Authentication of the lease contract from the Municipality and Planning Department.
          • 5
            Paying the prescribed fees.
            • 6
              Issuance of memorandum of association (for companies).
              • 7
                Issuance of the license.
                Service Fees
                • AED 600 for economic license renewal/issuance.
                • AED 50 for administrative services application.
                • AED 350 for a permit to place a commercial name advertising banner.
                • AED 200 for registration in the commercial register.
                • AED 200 for registration in the unified economic activities register.
                • AED 100 for approval of an Advertising Banner Specification Form.
                • Fees for documenting a fixed-price contract shall be determined according to the capital mentioned in the contract, and if the contract is translated into English, AED 50 per page shall be paid.
                • AED 1,500 for community contribution of companies and establishments to the CSR UAE Fund.
                • AED 3000 for publishing the official document of a limited liability company, the Ministry of Economy.
                • AED 200 for a commercial registration certificate.
                • The collection of Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry system fees shall be considered.
                Terms and Conditions
                • UAE citizens may practice all activities under this legal form if the requirements and conditions are met.
                • Two or more citizens of the GCC countries may establish a civil business company to practice a specific professional activity without requiring the appointment of a local service agent. If there is one or more partners who are not citizens of the GCC countries, a local service agent from the UAE citizens shall be appointed or shall establish a partnership with them at any percentage whatsoever.
                • Two citizens of other countries may establish a civil business company, provided that a local service agent from the UAE citizens shall be appointed or shall establish a partnership with them at any percentage whatsoever.
                • The company shall have sufficient capital to achieve the purpose of its establishment. Such capital shall be determined by its partners and shall consist of equal shares.
                Delivery Duration

                10 minutes

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                • E-service
                • Mobile Application
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                Service Package
                Forms used in this Service
                License Application Form
                Service correlation with other Services

                Trade name booking - Documentation of Articles of Association (documentations)

                Limitation of Service

                One year

                Governmental entities – Business (companies/institutions) – Individuals
                Service Rating
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                Required Documents
                • Emirates ID for UAE nationals and residents/copy of the passport in case the partner is a visitor.
                • A copy of the commercial registration certificate of the parent company (for the branch).
                • A copy of the parent license (for the branch).
                • A copy of the annex to the Memorandum of Association Amendment (for the branch).
                Payment Channels
                • E- Payment

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