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Department of Economic Development – Ajman

Trade Names Reservation Service

About the Service

It is the service through which individuals and establishments wishing to establish an economic activity within Ajman can apply to book the trade name, which is chosen as the name of the facility to be established

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Service Process
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    Registering on the website if you want to receive the service through electronic channels
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      Reading the terms and conditions for trade names .
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        Entering the required data.
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          Payment of fees
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            Receiving the trade name booking certificate.
            Service Fees
            • 350 dirhams
            Terms and Conditions
            • The trade name shall match the reality and shall not mislead, harm public order or public morals, or constitute an infringement on the rights of others inside or outside the Emirate.
            • No trade name for a trademark (a well-known trademark) may be registered, that results in misleading the public or causing harm to the interests of the owner of the well-known trademark unless a request is submitted by the owner of the well-known trademark or a document proving his/her approval to use the trade name of such well-known trademark is issued.
            • The competent authority has the right to refuse or change the trade name of the facility, whether when booking the trade name or after licensing it if it is proven to it that it does not match the reality of it misleads, harms public order, or public morals, or constitutes an infringement on the rights of others inside or outside the Emirate.
            • The company may not dispose of the trade name independently of the company to which the name is allocated, through a separate sale or assignment of the trade name.
            • The trade names allocated to companies shall not be owned by the company; the company has the authority to use them as per the terms and conditions that are set by the competent authority regarding the licensing procedures.
            • Approval of the selection of the trade name for companies shall be the competence of the competent authority.
            • No trade name may be registered, which was previously registered through the competent authority or which has a name that is similar to the extent that leads to confusion.
            • The founders shall be responsible for choosing the company’s trade name. The founders shall implicitly acknowledge their commitment to all instructions and decisions issued by the competent authority and their responsibility for any consequences in this regard when applying for the company's registration and licensing.
            • The Company shall use its trade name specified in its license in all its dealings with third parties.
            • The company's trade name and registration number shall be used in all contracts, clearances, and correspondences made by the company.
            • The company's trade name and registration number shall be considered in all transactions, whether when contracting or in emerging obligations, …. etc.
            • The company shall notify the competent authority in the event of changing or amending the trade name.
            • Changing the company’s name shall not affect its rights, obligations, or the legal measures taken by or against the company, and any legal actions previously taken or initiated by or against the company shall continue in the modified name of the company.
            • The competent authority reserves the right to determine a list of reserved and unavailable trade names, at its sole discretion and according to its priorities.
            • The competent authority reserves the right to determine a list of prohibited trade names due to their impact and violation of legislation, public order, and public morals.
            • No trade names of canceled establishments may be used except after a period of one year following cancellation.
            • Anyone who has completed twenty-one years of age has the right to apply for reserving the trade name for the issuance of the commercial license to practice economic activity in the Emirate. This may also apply to minors when they complete eighteen years of age and are authorized by the court.
            • Fees for a trading name that is indicative of geographical or localized scope, or a trademark shall be charged a fee of 1,000 dirhams annually.
            • Fees for the abbreviated or Gulf trade name - AED 2,000 annually (Ajman, Dubai, A, B).
            • Foreign trade name fees or numbers 2,000 dirhams annually.
            Delivery Duration

            10 Minutes

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            • E-service
            • Mobile Application
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            Issuance of commercial licenses - Modification of commercial licenses

            Limitation of Service

            Two months

            Governmental entities – Business (companies/institutions) – Individuals
            User Guide

            Please check the user guide (PDF) for using the system in order to apply for the services.

            PDF 754

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            Required Documents
            • Proving the personality of the stakeholders
            Payment Channels
            • E- Payment

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