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Department of Economic Development – Ajman

The division of commercial fraud is competent to manage monitoring and consumer protection by resolving commercial complaints in the emirate of Ajman through mediation or other alternative amicable settlement in accordance with the provisions of the rules and regulations , the commercial fraud section also aims to spread the correct culture in transacting between traders in the emirate and make them aware of the laws and actions to achieve a secure business environment among them.

The Roles

Regulating transactions between commercial companies and resolving disputes between them is considered as one of the most important duties of commercial fraud division, also educating the business sector by the laws and procedures through the organizing awareness programs for traders as well as conducting economic studies pertaining to the business sector in the emirate.

Accepting the complaint

  • The dispute should be of commercial nature.
  • The defendant must be an establishment/ company registered with the Department of Economic Development in Ajman.
  • The complaint should not have been deliberated or under deliberation before any other judicial / legal / administrative entity.

Advantages of filing the complaint with the Department of Economic Development

  • The official capacity
  • Promptness and flexibility by solving complaints within 10 working days

How to file a complaint

  • Submit copy of the documents proofing the validity of the claim
  • Fees imposed to study the local commercial complaint are as follow :
    • AED 2000 (non-refundable) to study the dispute upon trade marks
    • AED 2500 if the plaintiff requested to visit a warehouse
    • AED 1000 in the event of the plaintiff requested to visit a maximum number of three shops.

Advice and guidance

Dear Customer (merchants)

When you intend to purchase products in commercial quantities or contracting for commercial service for your business organization be sure to:

  • Document the contractual relationship in a detailed and clear contract duly and according to the laws in the state.
  • Ensure the legal status of the company with which to be contracted by checking its trade l license or access to the website of the Department of Economic Development / e-services: to inquire for companies listed in Ajman or its affiliates entities.
  • Be sure that the specifications of delivered goods are compatible with the details stated in the invoice/contract.
  • It preferable to transmit the value of the goods through bank transfers and make your dealings guaranteed by bank letters of credit to ensure and protect your rights
  • Be careful to retain all contractual documents and correspondence in order to ensure your right.